Date: 11-10-2009

	Hi Kim!
	Just opened my pipes early this morning as I didn't know they'd be here so 
	quickly. I see they were delivered at 7am Monday. They were waiting for me 
	in my mail slot. Lightning fast delivery!
	These pipes are STUPENDOUS! Thanks so much. The volcano is especially large, 
	as I like, and the freehand has just got perfect proportions. I love your work! 
	I don't understand why you aren't 100% sold out. Perhaps people don't know 
	about you as much, as I didn't until I saw you mentioned on the DeJarnett site.
	Do you ever go to the CPCC show in St. Charles, IL in May? I am so fortunate 
	to live about 4 miles away from Pheasent Run where it is held. I'd put alot of 
	money on you going home empty handed (except for all your profits) if you had 
	a table there. I know though, that like most all pipe makers, you do this for 
	the love of the art, and not turning profit or numbers. You are a great asset 
	to the pipemaking community.
	Thanks for the wonderful pipes. Will talk with you soon I'm sure. Have a great 

	Geneva, IL


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