Date: 08-03-2009

	Just a thank you for my first pipe block - I carved it freehand with 
	just a flat file and some sandpaper, and finished with my palm sander 
	(until I broke it!) .  I was up at the cottage with no power so just 
	twiddled away out on the screenporch in the moonlight for a few nights ... 
	lots of things not right by me in angles, some roundness and proportion 
	issues, but I love it.  I'm no woodworker so I was pleased with what I 
	ended up with for a first effort.
	What I really like is the great grain and birdseye.  Smokes beautifully.
	Folksy rustic bulldog?
	Kim you sent me a great kit, very pleased, many thanks.
	Best regards, Geoff


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