Date: 02-11-2009

	Hi Kim...
	The Oom Paul arrived yesterday, and boy was it ever worth the wait!!! The 
	pics on your website, as good as they are, do not do this pipe justice. The 
	pipe is nice and like and fits in my hand perfectly. I also really like the 
	ABS stem, and you nailed the drilling. It`s bang on!
	I love that the bottom of the pipe is flat, so I can set it down a look at 
	it. It was a nice touch to leave a bit of plateaux on the rim edge.
	I mentioned that if this pipe smokes half as good as The Bully that I bought 
	from you, that I would be happy. Well let me tell you it smokes just as good, 
	and I`m a happy piper!! I`ve smoked 3 bowls in it so far and each is better 
	then the last. It almost smokes itself , it`s that good. I`m more then pleased 
	with this wonderful pipe, Thank You! Listen to me... I`m gushing like a school 
	It all boils down to this...
	Kim  Make pipe....Luc buy pipe... Luc smokes pipe...Luc loves pipe!   LOL...;)
	Thanks again Kim!


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