Date: 01-13-2009


	Well it arrived Monday and what a suprise to see how beautiful it 
	actually was. The grain was amazing. Then it was due the real test. 
	How would it smoke? I loaded a half bowl of Perettis Park Square in 
	it and WOW. The draw was perfect. The big brandy shaped bowl fit 
	well in my hand and smoking bliss was discovered again. Thanks for 
	making me such a great pipe Kim.


Date: 01-16-2009

	Now that I have smoked a few bowls in it I am more impressed than 
	ever. There was no "Breaking In" of this pipe. From the first bowl 
	it smoked great. There was no wood hint to the smoke that I could 
	really detect in the flavor. And speaking of flavor it really does 
	the vapers a favor with its easy draw. I hate to sounds like an 
	advertisement but when you are so pleased with a product as I am.



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