Date: 08-26-2008

	I just fired up a bowl of a personal blend of 2xMcClelland 5100 +1 part 
	McClellands Royal Cajun Black. The draw and the openness is fantastic. It 
	took one charring light and a tamp and good light and then it was smooth 
	smoking to the bottom of the bowl. Clean white ash at the end of the smoke.
	I laid it down once during the smoke to talk with the drywall worker and 
	picked it up and smoked again. No relight necessary.
	I have to say I am happy with the drilling on this one - it is perfectly 
	drilled at the centre of the bowl at the bottom. The inside of the bowl is 
	smooth and easy to pack. The pipe smoked cool and dry throughout the smoke. 
	The thickness of the walls on the bowl lends to a cool smoke as well. The 
	bowl got warm but not hot.
	The shape and finish on this one is nicely done. The mouthpiece to shank fit 
	is bang on. The stem looked a little thick when I first looked at it but after 
	smoking it I have to say it is perfect. It is comfortable in the mouth and 
	feels good. The button is larger than I am used to but is tapered and it fits 
	well behind my teeth. The draught hole in the button is flared and smooth. 
	Well done.
	Thanks for a great pipe Kim!!!
	Steve Laug

Date: 08-27-2008

	I have just finished smoking three more bowls in this pipe. It is indeed a great 
	smoker. It has taken little to break it in. The smoke is a smooth and cool smoke 
	to the bottom of the bowl every time. The draught is perfect and it is effortless 
	to smoke. I had it in my mouth while do a bit of work in the yard and it is even 
	easy to clench without chomping. 
	Thanks again Kim.

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