Date: 04-08-2008


	Everything arrived yesterday afternoon.  I cannot tell you how 
	impressed I am. Makes my previous blocks look like cheap $5 kits!  
	No joke!  I wish you were closer; so I could have you teach me 
	how to drill a block.

	This briar looks pretty damn good, too.  Guess I know where to 
	look from now on; until I get going enough to ever order from 
	Mimmo.  I have one big problem though. Block #5 has me completely 
	overwhelmed at the moment.  The volcano I had originally drawn; 
	just will not do this block justice.  SOOO many options with grain 
	like that; I just can't decide. ;) Not a bad problem to have! They 
	all look fantasticly grained and spot on for each shape.

	Thank you very much again.  I think I'll be putting in another 
	order within a couple of weeks. We'll see how these start turning 
	and how much I have ready before Chicago.

	Talk to you soon.

	Best always -


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