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Custom Made Pipes

Every pipe is crafted as a custom made pipe. No two pipes will be alike. I lay out each block for the shape and drilling. After being drilled, the shaping is done entirely by hand. If you see a shape I have made in the past, or have a different shape in mind, and you would like me to make it, I can make one that's close, but there will be a slight difference between the size and shapes. That's just how it is when you do things by hand.

Here are a couple examples of pipes being made from start to finish:

Grading Pipes

I haven't been completely convinced that I should employ a grading system (yet), but if something REALLY special comes off the bench, I will apply a grade.

The grades will be based on a Penguin species
E Emperor Penguin. The largest penguin species.
This grade is reserved for the best-of-the-best.
K King Penguin. The second largest penguin species.
May have a small pit or two, but will have strong grain & great shape.
- No grade marking.Most pipes will not be graded.
These pipes don't quite measure up to the "K" grade.
F Fiordland Penguin. The most timid of the crested penguins.
These pipes will have a fill.

I will employ other grades as my skills develop, but this is what I am doing for now.

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